Friday fixtures Recap

by Editorial Team- Aimone and Aiden

Every week, we do a recap of all the matches scores and encourage teams who are acing it. Here are the results for this week!

  American Football PREMIER SOUTH      
16.11.16 Men’s Badminton 1 PREMIER SOUTH 6-2 Oxford 1st HERTS
16.11.16 Men’s Badminton 2 SE TIER 3A 3-5 Royal Holloway 1st ROYAL
16.11.16 Women’s Badminton 1 SE TIER 3A 5-3 Queen Mary 1st HERTS
16.11.16 Men’s Basketball 1 SE TIER 1A 55-71 London South Bank 1st LSB
16.11.16 Men’s Basketball 2 SE TIER 4B 36-52 Canterbury CC 1st CANTERBURY
16.11.16 Women’s Basketball 1 PREMIER SOUTH 46-60 Cardiff Met 1st CARDIFF
  Men’s Cricket 1 SE TIER 1A      
16.11.16 Men’s Fencing 1 SE TIER 2B 135-86 Essex 2nd HERTS
16.11.16 Men’s Football 1 SE TIER 1A 2-1 Surrey 1st HERTS
16.11.16 Men’s Football 2 SE TIER 2B 1-4 Imperial 1st IMPERIAL
16.11.16 Men’s Football 3 SE TIER 4C 1-3 St Mary 4th ST MARY
16.11.16 Women’s Football 1 PREMIER SOUTH 8-0 Gloucestershire 1st HERTS
16.11.16 Women’s Football 2 SE TIER 3B 2-5 LSE 1st LSE
20.11.16 Men’s Futsal 1 SE PREMIER 8-8 Essex 1st DRAW
20.11.16 Men’s Futsal 2 SE TIER 2B      
19.11.16 Women’s Futsal 1 SE TIER 1A      
16.11.16 Mixed Golf 1 SE TIER 1A 4-2 Reading 1st HERTS
16.11.16 Men’s Hockey 1 SE TIER 3B 5-3 Queen Mary 2nd HERTS
16.11.16 Women’s Hockey 1 SE TIER 2B 4-4 St. Mary 1st DRAW
16.11.16 Women’s Hockey 2 SE TIER NWL 5-1 UCL 6th HERTS
  Mixed Hockey WEST DIVISION      
16.11.16 Men’s Lacrosse 1 SE TIER 2B 8-8 Reading 1st DRAW
16.11.16 Women’s Lacrosse 1 SE TIER 2B PP Kent 2nd PP
16.11.16 Netball 1 PREMIER SOUTH 69-34 Cardiff 1st HERTS
16.11.16 Netball 2 SE TIER 3B 58-28 Queen Mary 2nd HERTS
16.11.16 Netball 3 SE TIER 5B PP London Met 1st PP
16.11.16 Men’s Rugby 1 SE TIER 3B 100-0 King’s College 3rd HERTS
16.11.16 Men’s Rugby 2 SE TEIR 6B      
16.11.16 Women’s Rugby 1 SE TIER 3A      
16.11.16 Men’s Squash 1 SE TIER 2A 1-4 King’s College 1st KINGS
16.11.16 Men’s Tennis 1 SE TIER 3A 4-8 UCL 2nd UCL
16.11.16 Men’s Tennis 2 SE TIER 4A 8-4 Reading 2nd HERTS
16.11.16 Women’s Tennis 1 SE TIER 2B 4-8 Imperial 1st IMPERIAL
16.11.16 Men’s Ultimate Frisbee 1 SE TIER 1 PP Sussex 1st PP
16.11.16 Men’s Volleyball 1 SE TIER 3A 3-0 Chichester 2nd HERTS
16.11.16 Women’s Volleyball 1 SE TIER 2A 3-0 Kingston 1st HERTS

Again another positive week for a lot of our teams and some great top of the table clashes. It is also great to see the following teams remain unbeaten:


Women’s Hockey 2nd

Men’s Lacrosse

Netball 1st

Netball 2nd

Netball 3rd (in league)

Women’s Rugby

Men’s Tennis 2nd

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

Men’s Volleyball

Women’s Volleyball

Which is phenomenal! Unfortunately women’s basketball suffered their first defeat to a strong Cardiff Met team. But on a positive note Men’s Rugby won 100-0!!!!


We would also like to Congratulate Bethany Sutherland for securing a place at Surrey Storm!

Scotland international, Sutherland, plays in either the wing defence or goal defence position, and was the youngest member of the Scotland squad to travel to the 2015 World Cup in Sydney having first played for Scotland U17 at the age of just 14.

Sutherland played the 2016 season with the Hertfordshire Mavericks and had caught the eye of Sky Sports experts who listed her as one of the ones to watch ahead of that season.

Following in the footsteps of her mother who was an England International, Sutherland will no doubt impress in the duck egg blue of Surrey Storm for the upcoming 2017 season. It has been a great week for sports this week! GO HERTS!


Friday fixtures Recap