Fixture Friday recap

By Aimone Sharif-Head of Editorial

It has been a while since our last recap  but we are back!

This week Netball has seen three wins for their 2nd and 3rd team and Men’s Lacrosse’s win keeps them at the top of their league. Ultimate finish their league season against the national champions, battling well but in the end falling short.

A lot of weekend action as well. Men’s Futsal 1st also had a win to stay top of the table meaning it all comes down to the last game for Men’s Futsal. If they can hold it together it will be their first league win in the Premier South, our fingers are crossed for you boys! Cricket, despite not being mentioned in the overall table, has been the Cardiff and Leeds over the last 2 weekends as they competed in the Indoor Cricket cup. They did superbly well to get into the Men’s last 16 in Cardiff, played some tough opposition cruising through to get to the Super 8 draw last weekend, which is comprised of the best 8 teams in the country. Hertfordshire began their campaign against Northumbria and then Sheffield Hallam, losing out by only a few points each time. Then it was time to play Cardiff Met, tipped to win the tournament, Cardiff were odds on favourite but a little Hertfordshire magic and some hard work and Herts secured a win! Overall Hertfordshire came 5th in the country for Indoor Cricket which is an immense achievement for the club!

Next week Hertfordshire Netball 1st will begin their cup run against Leeds Beckett 1st. It will be a great game to watch so make sure you get a good view from the balcony!

This is what this week’s fixture table looks like:

26.02.17 American Football PREMIER SOUTH 20-27 Swansea 1st SWANSEA
  Men’s Badminton 1 PREMIER SOUTH      
  Men’s Badminton 2 SE TIER 3A      
  Women’s Badminton 1 SE TIER 3A      
  Men’s Basketball 1 Trophy      
  Men’s Basketball 2 Conference Cup      
  Women’s Basketball 1 PREMIER SOUTH      
  Men’s Cricket 1 SE TIER 1A      
  Men’s Fencing 1 SE TIER 2B      
  Men’s Football 1 Trophy      
22.02.17 Men’s Football 2 SE TIER 2B 1-3 Imperial 1st IMPERIAL
22.02.17 Men’s Football 3 SE TIER 4C 1-1 St Mary’s 4th DRAW
22.02.17 Women’s Football 1 Championship 2-4 Loughborough 1st LOUGH.
22.02.17 Women’s Football 2 SE TIER 3B 1-4 LSE 1st LSE
 19.02.17 Men’s Futsal 1 SE PREMIER W/O Middlesex 1st HERTS
19.02.17 Men’s Futsal 2 SE TIER 2B 9-6 Anglia Ruskin 2 (CHELMS) HERTS
  Women’s Futsal 1 SE TIER 1A      
  Mixed Golf 1 Trophy      
22.02.17 Men’s Hockey 1 SE TIER 3B 5-2 Queen Mary 2nd HERTS
22.02.17 Women’s Hockey 1 SE TIER 2B 1-2 St Mary’s 1st ST MARY
22.02.17 Women’s Hockey 2 SE TIER NWL      
  Mixed Hockey WEST DIVISION      
22.02.17 Men’s Lacrosse 1 SE TIER 2B 9-5 Essex 1st HERTS
  Women’s Lacrosse 1 SE TIER 2B 10-14 Kent 2nd KENT
22.02.17 Netball 1 PREMIER SOUTH      
22.02.17 Netball 2 SE TIER 3B W/O Queen Mary 2nd (BARTS) HERTS
22.02.17 Netball 3 SE TIER 5B W/O London Met 1st HERTS
22.02.17 Men’s Rugby 1 SE TIER 3B 29-27 Medway 1st HERTS
  Men’s Rugby 2 Conference Bowl      
  Women’s Rugby 1 SE TIER 3A      
22.02.17 Men’S Squash 1 SE TIER 2A 1-4 Roehampton 1st ROE.
  Men’s Table Tennis 1 Conference Cup      
22.02.17 Men’s Tennis 1 SE TIER 3A   Queen Mary 2nd (BARTS)  
22.02.17 Men’s Tennis 2 SE TIER 4A 6-6 Surrey 3rd DRAW
22.02.17 Women’s Tennis 1 SE TIER 2B 0-12 Queen Mary 2nd (BARTS) QM
22.02.17 Men’s Ultimate Frisbee 1 SE TIER 1 4-15 Sussex 1st SUSSEX
  Men’s Volleyball 1 SE TIER 3A      
  Women’s Volleyball 1 SE TIER 2A    


Fixture Friday recap