Your sexual fantasies revealed!

Image: Unsplash – Nathan Walker

Who would you rather, and what are your secret fantasies?

[Annie Cracknell | Contributing Writer]

A poll was conducted by Trident Media on Twitter to show what sexual fantasies students have and what celebrities they would rather.

The most popular question on the poll was: “Would you ever use food in the bedroom?” This was led by 62 per cent of you saying that yes, you would! It sounds like our respondents are more in touch with their experimental side, which is great.

Adding to this, a whopping 79 percent of you admitted to fantasising about a housemate, but 21 per cent of you replied, “Eww, gross no!” Oh c’mon, really? I guess it does depend who you are living with… but a little fantasy won’t hurt anyone.

The next question was a slightly surprising “would you rather” question: Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Aniston? 67 per cent of you said that you would rather Jennifer Lawrence, who is stunning, but I thought it would be a lot closer than that as Jennifer Aniston is in her forties and still looks absolutely incredible. Though Jennifer Lawrence is more “current” for our generation, they both have this “girl next-door” look about them, so I’m quite surprised to see a gap this big in the percentages.

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

The slightly weirder questions on the poll included: “Would you ever role play Batman as a sexual fantasy?” 52 per cent of you said no (I personally found Robin way sexier, especially in the form of Joseph Gordon Levitt.) However, 48 per cent of you liked the idea of dressing up as a superhero and I guess if this is your thing, why the hell not. I think they do some costumes online at ASDA for about £20.

The next question was another “would you rather”  and this time it was between Chris Pratt or Chris Evans. Is it just me or do they look slightly similar anyway? I guess this could be why the votes were close: 59 per cent to 41 per cent were in favour of Pratt, he’s also ranked as second on People’s annual list of “Sexiest Men Alive”, maybe it’s all that muscle. In addition to the “would you rather” questions there was a question that made students decide between a vampire and a wolf. Of course, it’s Twilight! So Cullen or Jacob? I remember it being a clear tie between them both when I was reading the books, and not to my surprise, there was a clear split down the middle in the poll results too with both receiving 50 per cent of votes each. It seems like we just cannot decide between them.

Josh Felise
Image: Unsplash – Josh Felise

Another popular question was: “Would you ever fantasise about  having sex in a car?” The results showed that 83 per cent said that yes they have, obviously. A large amount of that percentage is probably made up of people who have already achieved this. On the other hand, there was 17 per cent who said that they had not shared this fantasy. That’s understandable, I gather it wouldn’t be the most comfortable thing in the world and I doubt you’d want to be caught by a local dog walker, that would make for a very awkward situation.
Overall, the poll results turned out to be interesting as they explored what the average student wants from the questions that had the mosts. Perhaps, students were looking for something naughtier to answer and that’s why the questions about the fantasies were more popular. There was also another question concerning the fantasy of role play and 62 per cent replied with “yay!” so maybe not a batman costume but something else?


Your sexual fantasies revealed!