Whining & Dining: Wetherspoons comes to Hatfield

[Tom Boon | Contributing Writer]

The latest addition to the Hatfield pub scene sees Harpsfield Hall opening its doors in Parkhouse Court to welcome Wetherspoons, which is due to be officially opened at 10am on Tuesday, 1st December.

The pub, which has been in the pipeline since early 2008 has a spacious interior, which draws heavily on the town’s aviation heritage. Examples of this are the three booths made of Boeing 747 engine parts, a coffee table made out of parts of an aircraft engine, and the vast number of aviation-related articles on the walls and ceiling. Trident Media were fortunate enough to be invited to review the restaurant ahead of its opening.

On arrival, we were greeted by the management team. They introduced themselves, explained how the evening would work, and gave us our menus before inviting us to take a seat. The menu for the night was limited, as the staff were still in training, however, one thing that stood out was the variety on the menu, despite us only having the limited choice.

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Photo credit: Tom Boon

The majority of the food at the pub is cooked to order, and this was evident in the quality our meals. Ordering the food was a simple process too. Very much like other Wetherspoons, you order at the bar, and your food is then brought straight to the table by the front of house staff.

It wasn’t difficult to notice the huge range of drinks on offer, as there is truly something for everybody. They taste great too, partly due to the fact that all of the drinks on tap are served at 1-3°C.

Photo credit: Tom Boon

When asked why students should choose Harpsfield Hall, Chris Olssen, the manager of the pub said:

“We offer great value on food and drink with deals such as our club deals most days which include a meal and a drink, breakfast club served until 12 noon every day, as well as a range of drinks deals … We have a huge range of drinks, including a large range of craft beers and real ales.”

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Photo credit: Tom Boon

Whilst Olssen mentioned that the venue has no immediate plans for events, he said that “[they] will possibly run theme nights with prizes for the best dressed.” He also mentioned that they are open to suggestions by customers and urged customers to “come down and give [them] a try!”

Front of House, Nicky Timms, said, “I’m absolutely impressed. I love how open it is. It’s completely different to anything else in Hatfield, and I’ve lived [in Hatfield] my whole life. It’s running well, and this is helped by a good team.”

Hatfield Wetherspoons doesn’t just seem to be a place to eat and drink. It strikes me as a place to go to sit and do work; especially during the day with free filter coffee refills before 2pm and free WiFi. What’s not to like?

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Images: Tom Boon


Whining & Dining: Wetherspoons comes to Hatfield