Wellbeing advice for students

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor] 

Tips for making friends
Starting university can seem pretty daunting to most, especially if you don’t know anyone. University is a huge place with lots of different types of people; this means lots of new opportunities for meeting others. Societies are great for meeting like-minded people with similar interests to you, and because you’re into the same things it’s easier to spark up conversations with others.

Music is a great way to connect with people too; during freshers week there’s no doubt that you’ll make new friends whilst out and about at different events. Don’t worry if parties and societies aren’t for you, there’s plenty of great ways to make friends while you’re out and about around campus.

Coping with work
Independence is definitely a skill that is needed in your studies at university; but this doesn’t mean you’re left alone when it comes to assignments and your work here. For some courses, you will be given a tutor who will guide you through your first year and will be there to help you out with your work worries. It might be hard to get the hang of it at first, but seeking the right help will ensure that you don’t feel swamped, as stress may be counterproductive when it comes to completing uni work.

Also, don’t forget that getting exercise, eating well and making sure that you enjoy yourself may be just what you need to keep a clear mind. The advice and support centre is also there to make sure that the right people are around to help you out. For more info call 01707285022 or email advice@hertfordshire.su

Home sickness
If you’ve decided to live away from home, the new found freedom can feel great. Nonetheless, the change of scenery can often lead to a bit of homesickness. Whatever you are feeling, there’s no need to go through it alone! If you speak to those around you, you will probably find that they are feeling the same way.

The university also offers a counselling and wellbeing service on campus to give support and advice about any difficulties you are facing. For more information call: 01707284453 or email counselling.centre@herts.ac.uk


Wellbeing advice for students