Volunteering & Raise and Give

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor]

First of all, welcome to the best three or more years of your life! Coming to university is an amazing opportunity for you to develop your education but also yourself. Without a doubt, one way to develop is through volunteering or fundraising through your Students’ Union (SU).

Today, more than ever, your degree may not be enough to secure you that dream job. Employers are crying out for evidence of volunteering or charity work and one of the best bits is, they’re the most rewarding and fun opportunities available at university.

From travelling the world on Raise and Give challenges to working with local nursery children on the Teddy Bears Picnic project, there are so many rewarding opportunities available to you all!

Imogen Stuart, a final year Psychology student and SU Volunteer of the Year became an ‘East African Playgrounds’ project leader in 2013/14, she stated how she has been volunteering for many years and in response to people who asked “How do you have the time?” she replied, “Making a difference is something I enjoy so it doesn’t seem like work all that often.”

Imogen got the opportunity to travel to East Africa over the summer to build playgrounds for local children, however if you want something a bit closer to campus, maybe local events or projects may be more appropriate.

Angela Vane, a second year Events Management and Tourism student who became a ‘Cedars Park Events’ project leader, praised the project for enabling her to “develop skills and gain knowledge in [her] area of study” proving how giving a little to a worthy cause can be worthwhile for your own professional development.

If you want to get deep into fundraising while at university, then Raise and Give is for you! It is the SU’s fundraising arm that raises vital funds for charities selected by you the students! Don’t worry, it’s not always bucket collecting! Raise and Give organises events in the Ele House, sports events and even annual pub crawls. Giving your time during your studies could be one of the most enjoyable things you do.

As Raise and Give Chair for 2014/15, I can say how important volunteering and fundraising has become in my life. I had never thought about it when I joined the university but I wouldn’t look back now, it has made my time at university amazing!

If you are looking to seek out more information about the exciting opportunities for this year, make sure you head into the SU on College Lane or on de Havilland for more information from our Student Activities team or the elected officers responsible for Volunteering and Raise and Give.

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Volunteering & Raise and Give