Honking Uno bus driver interrupts two-minute silence

[Tom Boon | Contributing Writer]

Uno has suspended a bus driver who disrupted a Remembrance Sunday parade in Cranfield, Bedfordshire. The unnamed driver ignored road closed signs, and refused to stop until Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from Bedfordshire Police stood in front of the bus. The Remembrance parade was taking place at the war memorial in Cranfield. The driver of the C11 which runs from Milton Keynes to Marston Moretaine sounded his horn during the two-minute silence at the parade. A video of the incident shows an attendee of the parade starting to question the driver, whilst the PCSOs present can be heard telling the bus driver to “Go, just go”. A witness of the incident, Former Royal Marine, Dave Gagie-Devoe, told news outlets: “He refused to switch off his engine and started to force his way forward. During the two-minutes silence he sounded his horn.”

Uno released a statement on the 10th November saying, “Uno would like to wholeheartedly apologise for any upset or disruption caused by our driver’s actions on Sunday. 
The driver in question has been suspended, pending a full investigation.

“As an expression of our regret Uno will be making a donation to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.”


Honking Uno bus driver interrupts two-minute silence