The 1975: Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange (19/11/15)

Image: Nariece Sanderson

[Nariece Sanderson | Contributing Writer]

The 1975 just seem like one of those bands; one of those bands that you don’t expect to grab your attention. One of those bands that look as if they could be all talk and no show. Thankfully they aren’t. Their catchy synth-infused pop-rock has opened up a wide net in which they have managed to catch an abundance of fans. The queue outside the Cambridge Corn Exchange came as no surprise. Having played on some major festival stages, the Corn Exchange was destined to be busy for The 1975.

After the support of Ratboy (a scruffy young version of Jamie T), the audience are left lit by house lights. Distortion fills the PA, building up in volume over minutes and minutes. Anticipation builds until ear-shredding screams suddenly fill the room. It’s evident that The 1975 have hit the stage.

The band appears to have climbed to new heights musically. Years of weaker filmed performances echoing in the mind of many, it is clear that The 1975 have been working on their craft. The band jumps straight into the eighties-tastic ‘Love Me’, setting the venue alight with groove and style. Matty Healy’s vocal performance reveals that some training and time can really raise old standards as he struts around the stage. As performers, the band ebb with cool vibes and quirky pizazz. The show’s lighting really sets the tone for each track, constantly altering the mood of the show. As the band flow through some old tracks as well as new, the atmosphere fluctuates from serene and calm to bouncing and vibrant. Healy stops the dance moves briefly, taking time out of the set to thank the fans, and requests a phone-free tune to truly experience the moment. Later, hits such as ‘Girls’ and ‘Chocolate’ really get the crowd moving. However, it’s the final song, ‘Sex’ that sets the audience off into euphoria.

It becomes clear that this band is one of the most innovative of recent years, stirring up their alternative style with some incredibly catchy tunes. Whatever The 1975 have been up to has triggered an evolution of performance. Tighter, faster, and much funkier, it seems that this new beast will soon be taking the music industry by storm.

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The 1975: Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange (19/11/15)