What have your Elected Officers been doing this summer?

[Brad Johnson | Vice President Communications & Media]

We are now coming to the end of August, which means we have been in our roles for nearly two months now! It has single-handedly been the quickest two months of my life! Since we have started in the roles, we have been all around the country at NUS events, training and even the Raise and Give Conference where we voted to be hosts of 2016 National Conference. Here is a quick snapshot of some the stuff we have been doing.

We all went to SU 2015 in Bolton!

This was a great chance to meet other elected officers from around the country but also become very close friends with some of the National Officers of NUS.

Lead and Change Training Myself and Annabel went to Lead and Change Student Opportunities which allowed us to learn about the issues and campaigns coming up within RAG, Volunteering, Societies and Sport.

Jack and Grainne went along to the Lead and Change Presidents, while Rana went to Lead and Change Welfare.

and some even decided to give their training groups catchy names . . . I think Grainne felt she had the best team based on this retweet!

We then had that wild day of Clearing where Jack and Grainne manned the phone lines for over 7 hours so you guys could get places here at Herts!

I then went away to the Student Media Summit at the Amnesty International Head Office in London.

Finally, we headed off to RAG Conference in Leeds! Jack and I were bidding for National Conference against Loughborough and Oxford! We only went a won it! Additionally to this, Brad was elected on the national board for the National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA).

So! What a Summer! We can’t for Freshers’ now! See you all soon!



What have your Elected Officers been doing this summer?