StudentWorthy: Cheeky Wednesdays

Cheeky Wednesdays boasts awesome music and competitive prices, but is it really StudentWorthy? The Trident finds out!

StudentWorthy is a segment in which a student looks at the stuff going on at the University of Hertfordshire, to see if it’s really worth your $$.


Cheeky Wednesdays is renown at the University of Hertfordshire for being the biggest night of the week, and probably for good reason. It’s got drink deals like £1.50 J-Bombs, features live performances from artists like Sean Kingston and DJ Tim Westwood, and plays a ton of different genres depending on the night’s theme. It’s also very local: you won’t be spending a lot on transport if you’re a student, so all-in-all it boasts a great deal for students.

[Credit: Sanchit Agrawal]
But, is it really StudentWorthy? This week, we’ve spoken to Jono Godlee, Trident Media’s Head of Radio and Takeover Tuesdays‘ DJ, who attended the Forum’s Cheeky Launch P.2. to see if it’s really worth your money.

Jono [Credit: Jono Godlee]

So, Jono, what’s Cheeky Wednesdays like, price-wise?

For the whole night, the drink prices were the same, but there were a few deals on shots and Jagerbombs. The Attic was open as well, and there were deals in there too. Money wise, all of the prices are generally reasonable and I can’t say anything negative!

[Credit: Sanchit Agrawal]

That’s good to know, but it’s clearly not all about the drinks, though. Can you give us a run-down of what kind of tunes were playing?

It was fairly varied and really easy to dance to. It started off with some top 40 tracks, then some club classics and D&B tracks, and then near to the end of the night some different songs which really resulted in the night ending on a huge high, like the Macarena and New York by Frank Sinatra.


Wait, Sinatra? Seems like an odd thing to add to the track list…

I mean, I certainly enjoyed it, but it was a bit of an odd thing to end on! Probably would have gone down better if it was a remix.


Perhaps they just needed to wake the students up, a little! Aside from this odd musical interruption, how was the vibe for the rest of the night?

The atmosphere was incredibly positive and upbeat, straight through to 3 am, and it was actually really busy for the second Cheeky Wednesdays of the year. The event ran incredibly smoothly from start to finish: even the security, bartenders, T-Shirt sellers and food vendors were all incredibly professional as well.


Ever been to a club that sells cotton candy? [Credit: Sanchit Agrawal]
[Credit: Sanchit Agrawal]

That’s what we want to hear! Do you think Cheeky Wednesdays is something you’ll be attending again?

I’ll definitely be going again, and I’d totally recommend it to students who are looking for a massively fun and cheap night out.


So, out of 10, what would you score Cheeky Wednesdays — and why?

7/10: The music was well suited, but it was rather crowded. If you’re not used to crowds, then the style bar is definitely the place for you; it’s always open during cheeky nights, and it’s the most chilled out of all of the venues.

While you’re here, why not check out Takeover Tuesdays? Between 6-8pm, you can listen to all the latest hits, and get up to date on current entertainment news by listening to his show either on the official Trident Media Radio or on Mixcloud.


Agree with Jono’s review? Got a different opinion? If YOU went to Cheeky Wednesdays, let us know how it went @TridentMediaUK!


StudentWorthy: Cheeky Wednesdays