Sports Fair 2014

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor]

The Sports Fair on the 1st October this year was an interesting and informative event for new students and those returning. With over 25 clubs available to join you can imagine how busy the Sports Hall was that day!

I had the chance to speak to many of the teams regarding what they are about, how and when they train and play, and of course the social side to their teams. There are a range of sports for ladies and gents of all ages, and it was nice to see the members of the clubs all making the effort to support their teams in the hunt for some fresh new students to toughen up!

“I have never been involved in an AU (Athletic Union) Club and even though I was dragged along today by my friend who wants to sign up for netball, I think I might be persuaded to join,” said Sarah Keeble, a final year Sports Therapy student. “I spoke to the Kickboxing team and they had so much information for me and there was no pressure to take part in any professional matches, I can just join for the fitness aspect.”

Many of the AU clubs try and promote the fitness side of their training to highlight that you do not have to have any previous school, club or county experience to participate. However, if you do have previous training, show a commitment to the team, and improve fairly quickly, then there is a chance you could take part in the county leagues or nationally with the clubs, as they do not just compete within BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sports).

Kathryn Hoare, a final year Event Management student who has recently completed Tough Mudder, is a member of the Hertfordshire Sirens Cheerleading Club and has “enjoyed every moment of being a part of this incredible team of ladies.”

With the Judo members showing their skills in the centre, the Lacrosse team using their sticks to gather some attention, and the signup sheets filled with names and email addresses of people who were interested, Sports Fair was an overall success.

The tasters and trials start from Monday 6th October. If you want to get involved, don’t waste any time! Most of the clubs have Facebook pages and the Athletic Union website has contact information for each club:



Sports Fair 2014