Societies at UH

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

Hertfordshire Students’ Union has over 130 societies ranging from active and cultural to social and subject-related.

We can guarantee there’s definitely something for everyone and more societies are created throughout the year. If there is still nothing that interests you, then why don’t you make one yourself? There’s nothing to stop you.

Joining a society can enhance your experience at the university and gives you an opportunity to meet new people. You can join something you are passionate about, or try out something you’ve never heard of. So what’s on offer?


If you’re looking for something active, Hertfordshire’s SU hosts a wide variety of active societies, including archery, cycling and snooker. A great one to consider is the HUSKIS (Hertfordshire University Ski and Snowboard Society). They meet every fortnight at Hemel Hempstead to use the indoor slope. These trips operate on a pay as you go basis you can choose when you want to go. The also host socials, karaoke and movie nights. A tour has been planned for next April where the HUSKIS will be heading over to the French Alps for a week of skiing.

  • Christian Union

Another popular society is the Christian Union. The CU aim to spread the news of Jesus around campus in a variety of active and exciting ways. Anyone is welcome to join, whether you are Christian or not. You can get involved with their BBQs and socials all year round and attend their weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings on campus. You will often find them after a night out at the forum offering hot chocolate and biscuits -the perfect post-party remedy. The society love the occasional trip and this October they have one planned for Bosnall Camp, Derby, for a fun and relaxed weekend away.

  • The Pharmacy Society

If you want to gain some extra knowledge around your subject area, or any other subject for that matter, there are societies for that too. The Pharmacy society, for example, is there to support students both academically and socially. They organise events with learning and networking opportunities and even host the pharmacy ball. This year the society has decided to revive the pharmacy football and have plans for even more activities throughout the year.

  • Drama Society

Drama Society is also one to take note of. For the past few years it has won ‘best society’ at the SU awards, which says it all really. They are a group of dedicated students with a passion for drama whether it’s acting, writing, directing or being behind the scenes. They hold two performances a year that are written by members of the society themselves and can be seen around campus and in the local area, often in front of audiences of around 200 people. Their biggest achievement to date was performing their own play ‘Gidding’s Ward’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. Go along to one of their regular meetings and get involved!

  • Ukulele Society

There are also a fair share of music societies, for those who are advanced and those who have never picked up an instrument before. The Ukulele society is perfect for this. Last year they won two Students’ Union Awards and have a growing popularity. The society meets regularly to learn and practice the Ukulele in preparation for performances at venues such as; the Elehouse, Forum, FolkStock Festival and even at the Summer Ball. The society is also involved in the community and often visits Howe Dell school to teach under 12’s how to play. The Ukulele Society has a lot to offer, especially in the following year, with hopes of more large scale events.


This is just a taste of some of the societies available; there are over 100 more to choose from!  If you need any more information or want to contact any of the societies, head over to the Students’ Union website. Once you have registered on you can join a society by entering your details and paying the membership fee. Alternatively, you can go into the Hertfordshire Students’ Union building and sign up there, or at Freshers’ Fair on 3rd October from 11-3pm.


Societies at UH