Opinions: Is Freshers’ all it’s hyped up to be?


[Beth James | Contributing Writer]

One of the biggest ‘draws’ of Freshers’ Week is that loads of great bands play at the Forum, but this happens all year! (That being said, if your favourite artists are performing, it is an amazing opportunity to see them without spending loads!)

For a lot of people, university is their first time living away from home and this often means not really being sure how to handle money. It’s easy to go crazy during freshers’, especially with a student loan. This is great fun but may mean you suffer for the next couple of months when you’ve spent all your money and have nothing left for food.

In Freshers’ Week, lots of people feel quite pressured to go out every night and worry that they need to make friends and get drunk because that’s what university is about – but there’s plenty of time for making friends and going out after Freshers’ too!

Your housemates might not turn out to be your best friends and getting drunk isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. It takes time to find people with similar interests to you, whether this means someone to stop you making a fool of yourself when you’ve had a few too many, or someone to stay in and have movie nights with.

Of course, it’s not just nights out in Freshers’ Week. There are loads of fun (and free) activities on during the day. But if you’ve been out every night, it’s likely that you’ll be far too hung-over to enjoy any of these!


[Emma Langschied | Design Sub Editor]

Yes! Freshers’ Week is perhaps the one week a year it’s considered socially acceptable to go out 10 nights in a row and eat your body weight in greasy, fatty food. Who wouldn’t want to make the most of that?

Ok, so Freshers’ week isn’t everyone’s Jaeger bomb, but there are plenty of Hertfordshire students who feel that Freshers’ lives up to its hype and has earned its fun “best years of your life” reputation.

It’s not just first years that look forward to the week, students of any year and age take the opportunity to get involved in events. Older students can even become Freshers’ Angels who are there to help freshers to settle in and have a good time.

Second year Computer Science student, Simon Brewer, said: “I like the fact the Forum gets big acts, such as Chase & Status, Example and Pendulum as well as being close to where I live.”

Many students like working during Freshers’ to enjoy it from another perspective. Luke Osborne, a final year Illustration student and Breakout DJ at the Forum said: “My Favourite part of Freshers’ is getting to DJ to a sold out Forum!”

Contrary to popular belief, Freshers’ week isn’t all about partying. It is also the perfect time for freshers to make the most of having a clean slate. First years can put any undesirable situations or reputations from the past behind them and start over to create a brand new and improved identity to engage with other students and staff.

Mass Communications Programme Leader Peter Thomas holds many introductory lectures during Freshers’ Week.

“My favourite thing about Freshers’ Week is getting to know all the new students and meeting up again with the returning students,” said Thomas. “There is always a lot to take in and getting to know each other quickly helps their transition into academic life.”

Brewer said: “The best thing about Freshers’ week is the opportunity to meet new people. It’s the easiest way to meet new people and bond with the people in your flat.”

The Freshers’ Fair is famous for giving out freebies and is ideal for signing up for societies and new opportunities, many being out of students’ comfort zones. Its character building, which plays a massive role in the university experience.

Student. Loan. Those two beautiful words are the mantra for Freshers’ Week. At the beginning of the week students find a large sum of money in their accounts, many for the first time. And guess what? They have the freedom to spend it in any way they choose.

So, non-stop partying, celebrity performances, socially acceptable constant unhealthy indulgences, new friends, more independence, fun opportunities, freebies and large sums of free money. Does Freshers’ live up to its hype? …Is that even worth asking?


Opinions: Is Freshers’ all it’s hyped up to be?