Money saving tips for students

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor]

Hey Freshers, just landed your student finance and ready to blow it all in one go? Having been a fresher myself I know how tempting it can be. Finding ways to spend your money is so easy but what we students really should be doing is trying to save it, let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck eating 9p noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner for the last two weeks of term!

Cook at home
For many of us it’s our first time away from home and we haven’t the slightest clue how to cook so we end up getting take outs. Not only can they be bad for our health but they’re not too great for our wallets either! Check out simple recipes online or ask your friends and family for recipes and you’ll be surprised how much you save. Name brands don’t always make a big difference either, so don’t be scared to pick up a brand you don’t recognize if it’ll benefit you in the long run.

During freshers’ week the first thing many of you will want to do is go out and enjoy your new freedom with a few drinks, but drinks can often be quite expensive. I’d recommend saving money by having a drink with your new friends in your flat before going out. You can also look for drink deal when you’re out 2-4-1 in the Style Bar. Always remember, drink responsibly!

Budgeting and planning how to spend your money is a useful way to keep track of everything and will prevent you from having that ‘where did it all go?’ feeling when you check your account balance.

Buying books
Sooner or later you’ll have to pick up a book or two but I assure you, university books do not come cheap. You’ll save loads looking for second hand books only; studynet is great for this too.

Rail cards
Travelling to and from home can be massively expensive for those of us who don’t live near the uni, but a 16-25 rail card allows us to get 1/3 off of journeys. For example, you can get a travelcard from Hatfield to London for as little as £11.90 (price correct as of September 2014)

NUS cards and student accounts
When you do feel like going on a big spend however, it might be useful to get an NUS card, which offers great saving on the high street and online. Some student accounts offer these for free…But what is a student account? These are bank accounts especially for us, which typically offer an interest free overdraft and other perks, so choose wisely!

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Money saving tips for students