Latitude Festival 2015: Review

Images by Tobi Olasupo

[Tobi Olasupo | Photography Manager]

From the 16th to the 19th of July, Latitude Festival gave us an unforgettable four days. With over 500 musicians, poets, dancers and comedians lined up, the festival was looking to make history.

The weather was on everyone’s side; the heat during the day took no prisoners and it was even nice enough to enjoy lake swimming without the fear of leaving with the usual uncomfortable breeze. The night, however, was stereotypically cold – you can’t win everything.

Thursday: Getting ready for the weekend

Trident Media arrived at Henham Park around 1:45pm on Thursday after leaving De Havilland campus at 6:15am. We didn’t get onto the campsite until about 4pm as we had to wait for a shuttle to take us to the right section. We got on-site and although there was hardly anyone there, the numbers increased during the night. The last time we saw a tent being set up was 1am.

We woke up Friday morning to see the campsite completely full, and as we walked past the famous Latitude sign we saw a herd of pink sheep – both shocking and amazing!

As the sun started to set on Thursday night, Titanium performed their dance stylings on The Waterfront Stage. This was a good warm up for everyone, with impressive hip-hop dancing and intense music creating an awesome atmosphere and showcasing the flare and passion of all the dancers.

The firework display at the Obelisk Arena closed the night to show that Latitude Festival had officially begun. Everyone looked on in excitement knowing that Friday would be an unforgettable day.

lat fireworks

As the night began to close, people were unavoidably witnessing the incredible water projection display next to the Writer’s Bridge.

Friday: Yoga, comedy and more

The morning started off with DanceEast demonstrating a Yoga Class with anyone willing to join in- whether they were eight or eighty – and the aim was to get involved and have fun! DanceEast also held a martial arts session in the afternoon, which again attracted a big crowd.


Over on the newly opened Obelisk Arena, the crowd was in a joyous mood waiting for the first act of the day, Summer Camp. The bliss weather and feel-good sounds pumped up the crowd ready for the rest of the weekend.

The BBC Radio 6 Music Stage saw the likes of SOAK and The Districts. Whilst the crowd was still relatively calm at this point, the numbers started to increase around Henham Park, and the atmosphere started to change. The Districts created a more aggressive vibe as the music style was heavier in comparison to the other artists.


Femi Kuti and The Positive Force made their mark at the Obelisk Arena with their Nigerian flare and theatrics, and saw the crowd dancing and uniting.

After being stuck in sun for a long time, Trident thought it’d be a good idea to take a dip in Henham Park’s famous lake which was open for the first time ever.

We then approached the comedy tent, and knew from the sound of the laughter from afar, that Russell Kane had taken to the stage. We walked in on a few of his jokes and were won over immediately.

lat russel

As the night went on, To Kill a King ignited the crowd at the Lake Stage. Everyone sang along and lead singer, Ralph Pelleymounter, looked amazed by the ovation that the band received.

This brings us to the headliner of the night – alt-J. Everyone was waiting in anticipation. The Obelisk Arena was full to the brim, and alt-J put on a performance to remember, with every song on point.

The night ended with Mikee Snooze at the Lake Stage, blasting out hits from Vampire Weekend to Fetty Wap. The crowd was still energised and going strong.

Ed Sheeran had also performed a secret show in the iArena Friday night, but unfortunately the news was announced only 30 minutes before his set and Trident Media missed out on the scoop!

Saturday: Band interviews and crowd pleasers

On Saturday, the day began with interviewing Scottish band, Prides. It was an amazing experience to hear them talk about their university experience and provide useful advice for those joining us in September and for those studying Music. 

After this we went to watch Lianne La Havas, who captivated the crowd with her soulful style of music, she even had one fan begging her not to leave.

Laura Marling then took to the stage. Watching her live was a humbling experience, she had an incredible turnout for her set, and she even acknowledged the fantastic reception that she received from the crowd.

Whilst walking through the crowd, we bumped into Lianne La Havas. She was so kind and friendly, especially with everyone approaching her and taking photos. At the end of her earlier performance, she told everyone that she was going to be around and if they saw her that they should approach her and say hi – she stuck to her word.

Following this, we went to see Pride at the Lake Stage. They put on an energetic performance, engaging the crowd with all their vibrant sound and entertainment.

Lastly, The Vaccines took to the BBC Radio 6 Music Stage. As it got closer to the performance, the numbers started to increase rapidly and the crowd were raring to go. Due to the lack of space, we couldn’t stand in any single position as the crowd started getting aggressive prior to the performance.



Thom Yorke, from Radiohead, also performed a secret show in the iArena. Again, unfortunately, we didn’t make it in as there was no form of entry due to the news spreading like wildfire. With people waiting three hours prior to the performance, security weren’t letting anyone in.

Soon after being denied entry we called it a night and headed to our tent.We woke up the following morning however, to find out Ed Sheeran had done another unannounced secret gig with the popular band Snow Patrol.

Sunday: Closing acts

For the final day of Latitude, Trident Media decided to explore Henham Park a bit more, and saw the more family friendly side of the festival with many workshops, theatre displays and other fun-packed activities.



One in particular came from Culture Works East with their song and dance performance. They put on quite the show with a parody relating to generic teen issues, entertaining their small but enthusiastic crowd.

As the day went by, we went back to see the music, starting with Naomi & The Gospel Queens at the Obelisk Arena. The crowd was amazed by Naomi Shelton’s voice as she proved that age doesn’t halt anything. The reception from the crowd was insane, as they clapped and cheered for about 10 minutes after the performance.

Also on Sunday, Sky Arts TV Show “Guitar Star” taped its final at Latitude and the winner got to play at the Obelisk Arena.

Years and Years also proved to be one of the best breakthrough acts of the year as they won over the crowd and made everyone erupt when performing their hit single ‘King’ right at the end.


Following them was La Roux. Everyone who watched Years and Years stayed to catch the enigmatic performance, as she performed new single ‘Uptight Downtown’ and an old hit ‘In For The Kill’.

We had time to catch a bit of Theo Varney too at the Lake stage but had to quickly make our way back over to the Obelisk Arena in preparation for the main act; Noel Gallagher & The High Flying Birds.

Before the main act took the stage, legendary Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers won the crowd over with their nostalgic hits. Whilst they prepared the crowd for the main act, they received one of the loudest ovations throughout the whole festival.

It was then finally time for Noel Gallagher & The High Flying Birds. For the first time during the whole festival weekend, the Obelisk Arena was full to the brim, with people standing outside trying to look in. Gallagher didn’t play ‘Wonderwall’ as everyone hoped but he still wrapped up the amazing festival with style.

Trident Media’s night ended with a spontaneous interview with another breakthrough artist, Rat Boy. We related well to the young act and it was great to hear his story and views of the music industry.

Latitude was the first festival for many people, including one of Trident Media’s own writers. To say they were impressed by the whole weekend would be an understatement. As much as the artists and acts were important and performed effortless sets, the crowd made the festival what it was; they produced the atmosphere for the artists to feed off, and as we said in our preview, it isn’t always about the music!

lat fest

Watch this space for interviews with Pride and Ratboy and see what the fans thought of Latitude 2015!

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Latitude Festival 2015: Review