Be inspired by London city

[Zunaira Taj | Contributing Writer]

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Photo credit: Zunaira Taj

Thinking of visiting London? Why not check out some of these amazing attractions?If you are interested in museums, I would recommend you to start your day at Trafalgar Square because that is where most of the museums are. All the museums are mostly free, with very little charge if there is a special exhibition going on. The following are the museums near Trafalgar Square:

  • The National Gallery
  • The Strand Gallery
  • Stephen Wiltshire Gallery
  • British Optical Association Museum
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • St Martin-in-the-Fields (church)
  • Photographer’s Gallery
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
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Photo credit: Zunaira Taj

Interior of National Gallery

There are also many other places to see and visit. Even if you are not interested in history or artwork, I would still recommend you visit some of these places because the exhibitions are worth seeing. While visiting the attractions, please keep in mind that food and drinks are not allowed in the building and most of the places also do not allow pictures to be taken.

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The Painter’s Daughters Chasing Butterfly (1756) Thomas Gainsborough

All of these places are within a five mile radius of the square, and it is always easy to walk. Although the buses don’t cost that much, I think it is better that you walk if you want to capture the ‘essence’ of London – I personally prefer walking in the city because I like looking at the architecture. Every building in the city is different to the others: they are mostly made with Greek-style columns and carvings in the walls. In addition to that you get to see the monuments around the city; the architecture is truly inspiring.

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Photo credit: Zunaira Taj

Trafalgar Square

London is filled with little cafés and glamorous restaurants, there’s food around every corner. If you don’t want to eat out you can always sit and rest on the benches placed at different spots, or pack a little lunch.

There are many places of entertainment to visit in the city: Leicester Square is surrounded by shops and cinemas. There is the Leicester Square Theater right next to Prince Charles Cinema, in case you and your friends are interested in live theater shows. Although, I feel that their tickets are a bit expensive for students, but there are shops that sell discounted tickets and students can sometimes get good offers if they book online.

While walking through the city you will notice little maps at different places with instructions on where to go. Every bus stand has information about the routes you can take to get around the place. Also, you can rent bicycles if you enjoy cycling: it costs as little as about £2 an hour, so that can make your trip fun.

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Around every other corner in the city there are sightseeing bus tours. These take you on a tour around the city with a tour guide, and you can visit the main attractions with them.

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Although London city is an expensive place when it comes to tourism, especially for students, I still think it is worth visiting. Even if you don’t spend money on the attractions, you can always just roam around the city and get inspired.


Be inspired by London city