Go smoke free or sober this October

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor]

October is the month for quitting, whether that’s smoking or drinking, there’s a challenge for you. Those taking part together are more likely to be successful than those who go it alone, so challenge your friends to take part with you.

This October, smokers are urged to join the national quit smoking month and take the Stoptober challenge. The campaign was launched by the Department of Health to create a mass participation stop smoking attempt across the country.

Clinical research shows that those who can stop smoking for a month are five times more likely to stay smoke free. Those who seek additional support also increase their chances of success.

Hertfordshire Uni’s own Campus Pharmacy, located on College Lane, actively supports Stoptober and can offer free and confidential advice and offer support for both students and staff. This could be your opportunity to quit with the support of others at our university, so why not make October your month to Stoptober?

Not a smoker but still looking for a challenge this month, then why not Go Sober for October? Macmillan’s Cancer Research fundraising challenge sees those signing up to be a sober-hero raising money to support people fighting cancer.

This is not only a great fundraising opportunity; there are also plenty of potential health benefits from giving up the drink for a month. You can experience increased energy levels, better sleep, weight loss, clearer skin and general improved health and positivity. You’re also likely to save money, with some venues offering free soft drinks for designated drivers!

If you’d like to sign up and raise donations visit: gosober.org.uk or macmillan.org.uk

Taking the Stobtober or Go Sober challenge? We want to hear from you!


Go smoke free or sober this October