Get Pounded with Crush Radio

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor]

This year Trident Media’s very own Crush Radio are bringing back a cheap student night to The Forum.

The first ‘Pounded with Crush Radio’ launches on Thursday 9th October in The Attic. This is the first event of the year with student DJs and if it’s successful there may be more to come!

“The idea behind Pounded was to get student DJs to play in The Forum,” said Sam Kelly, Assistant Station Manager for Crush Radio. “It’s a student venue so there should be students involved. There’s student staff and promoters, so why not student DJs?”

Pounded is only £1 for advance tickets, with a selection of drinks available for just £1. This is the cheapest student-led club night at The Forum. Music for the night will be primarily chart, dance and cheese, with a little bit of house and RnB. There’s something for everyone and the DJs will be taking requests throughout the night.

Pounded is hosted by Crush Radio, with hopes to expand in the future to include collaborations with the DJ society and other student DJs. The current DJs working on the event are already experienced, but that doesn’t stop new students from getting involved.

“We’re going to be providing training and workshops available for all the members of Trident Media,” Kelly said. “This will help to build our skill bases and get more people into DJ-ing.”

Sam Kelly’s own DJ set is recognisable by its signature opening track, taken from Austin Powers. There’s also likely to be some Britney Spears and Spice Girls, before playing out to Left Bank Two from the Noveltones, so listen out!

If you dream of playing The Forum or appearing on the radio, the first step is to get a Trident Media membership.

“We can get you on the radio, practicing talking to large groups, and get your skills with audio equipment and mixing up,” said Kelly.

Crush Radio are celebrating their 55th anniversary, as the longest running student radio station. This means they’ve got some surprises in store to mark the occasion.

“There will be a competition to win a present on Crush Radio,” said Kelly. “But I can’t tell you anymore about that. It’s a secret project and it will be a big surprise.”

If you want to join Trident Media and be a part of Crush Radio, or our print and TV outlets, purchase your membership on the Hertfordshire Students’ Union website:


Get Pounded with Crush Radio