Freshers’ Week Survival Guide

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor]

For many new students Freshers’ Week is what they look forward to most when they start university. It is a week of change: the giddy excitement (and nerves) of moving in and meeting your new flatmates, the experience of one too many Jaegerbombs on your first night out and the almost inevitable (and deadly) onslaught of the infamous Freshers’ Flu.

For many, the onset of Freshers’ Week means lugging 18 years worth of stuff into halls of residence. Moving away from home can be both terrifying and amazing but there are a few handy tips to make the experience a lot less stressful.

  • Prop your door open as you are unpacking – Your new flatmates are much more likely to approach an open door and say hello.
  • Remember to smile and don’t be afraid to chat to people. It can be daunting but remember that everyone is in the same position as you.

After you are unpacked and your parents are gone it’s time to get ready for your first night out. If we’re all honest, going out and exploring the nightlife is the highlight of Freshers’ Week for many – and there’s a reason for that – It’s fun and a great way to get to know your fellow freshers.

  • Stay safe! Make sure you know how you’re going to get home – Hertfordshire offers a great free shuttle service and there are also various local taxi firms. If you are walking home, make sure you stick in a group.
  • This one is for the girls – Pack a pair of flats in your bag. Your heels may be beautiful but after a night of dancing your feet aren’t going to feel too good.

If you’ve been going out every night you’re probably not feeling too great. Freshers flu is the unfortunate side effect of many a freshers’ week. Late nights, alcohol and junk food often end in feeling absolutely rubbish.

  • Drink water – there is nothing like rehydrating during and after drinking alcohol.
  • If you’re feeling really ill visit The Pharmacy or The Medical Centre on College Lane Campus, that have trained staff on hand to assist you.

Freshers’ may be a week of partying and drinking, but there are loads of other events on as well!

  • The Freshers’ Fair is held on the 3rd October from 11-3 at The Forum. There’ll be societies, activities, clubs and sports to check out, and well as loads of freebies (you’re a uni student now, freebies are your life).
  • Attending introductory lectures for your course is always a good idea. Not only do you get an overview of what you’ll be studying for the next year, but you also get to meet your coursemates.
  • If you haven’t already, sort out your student bank account and get an idea of which shops do a student discount or loyalty card. It’s never too early to start saving money!


Freshers’ Week Survival Guide