Freshers’ Events: Laser Quest

[Krystyna King | Events Secretary]

Hertfordshire Students’ Union organised LaserTaq on Monday (Oct 29), which was a huge success.

Each game saw more and more students ready to team up and tag their targets- their targets being the other team!

An inflatable arena was placed in The Forum’s auditorium, along with flashing lights, smoke and music from our very own Crush Radio team. With all of this going on, it didn’t matter if you hadn’t played before. It was all about the taking part and enjoying this new and exciting event.

Director of Events2U Michael Rogers, who brought Lasertaq to The Forum,  explained that it was a great way of meeting new people.

“At first everyone is quiet, but then the game begins and it goes crazy,” Rogers said.

After a couple of 10 minute games Matt Dowse, Film and TV Production student, explained how he found out about the event on the Student Unions Website,

Others had found out through Facebook and posters, which was probably why the event had such a huge turnout.

Even though everyone looked exhausted from running around, “it was really fun,” Katherine Mead, Biology and Psychology Joint Honours student, concluded.

All of those involved enjoyed this event and are eager to see what the rest of Freshers’ Week brings. A great start to the week!

A big thank you to for getting involved and the Student Union for organising the laser quest event.

Did you join a laser quest team? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!


Freshers’ Events: Laser Quest