Freshers’ Events: House Parties and the new Halls League

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor]

As part part of Hertfordshire Students’ Union new Halls League they held two House Parties and BBQs during Freshers’ Week.

The whole team were blown away with the turnout of students from all Halls including over 650 attendees at the de Havilland Campus event on Wednesday evening (Oct 1st), featuring music, a bar and a free BBQ.

Wednesday evening gave all new students at the university a chance to meet each other and also meet key members of the Students’ Union, including their elected officers. The success of the events should hopefully encourage more informal social events to take place on campus as it proved to be a great way for new students to make friends but also have a great time just minutes from their doors.

The Halls League is an exciting redesign of its predecessor, the Houses’ system. There are 16 Halls in the league spread across the two campuses, each hall has the opportunity to enter each event and also help organise future events. Points will not only be awarded for winning but also for taking part, so the more of you that get involved, the better off your Hall will be.

As well as the House Parties which happened over Freshers’ Week, there will be more events throughout the year that give you the opportunity to earn points for your Halls!

A full list of the Halls and future events within the Halls League can be found on the Hertfordshire Students’ Union website:




Freshers’ Events: House Parties and the new Halls League