Freshers’ Events: Hatfield Rocks Launch Night with Wheatus

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

Saturday night’s events kicked off with a free gig at the forum with new pop/funk band Tides and the legends Wheatus. Unfortunately for Tides, the gig started early, at 6:30pm, so The Forum was looking pretty empty. However, as the band started playing their setlist, the small crowd soon became energetic and the atmosphere began to pick up.

Tides are a four piece band from Hertfordshire who have created quite an impression on the music industry since releasing their Debut EP Breathless last September. They have been gaining recognition and are continuing to tour the UK and EU, and were proud to add The Forum to their list of venues. They are currently working on a new debut album so keep your eyes open!

With Tides warming up the crowd it was time for Wheatus to take to the stage for what seemed to be an intimate gig. Brendan B. Brown and the band started up with a ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ teaser, exciting the crowd. The gig was 14+, meaning that some of the crowd were not even born when the band’s hit single first came out.

Wheatus went on to play several of their greatest hits like ‘Hey Mr. Brown’, ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Leroy’. They also entertained the audience with several covers including One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ Whilst this cover was met with mixed responses, Brendan explained that, “the boys need to learn to love it…because of the girls.”

The band wrapped up their hour long show with the most anticipated song of the evening, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. As always it was a crowd pleaser and had everyone singing along. Wheatus also welcomed on stage Miss Eaves and MC Frontalot, two Brooklyn-based rap artists who are currently touring with the band. Once they finished, Brendan threw his guitar pick into the crowd and left everyone wanting more.

Luckily the crowd did get more. Wheatus came back out, hopped the barriers and proceeded to talk to fans around The Forum. William Tully, the drummer, was on his way to the bar for a beer and stopped to take photos and talk to fans. We were able to grab a quick word with each band member. As Wheatus had visited The Forum last year too, we asked Brenden B. Brown why he came back, to which he replied, “We finally get to do our laundry. Trust me, after being on our tour bus, you would understand.”

A full interview with Wheatus will be available in our next issue of BlueMoon magazine, so be sure to pick up a copy when it’s out!

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Freshers’ Events: Hatfield Rocks Launch Night with Wheatus