Freshers’ Events: ColourFest 3K

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

Saturday morning (4th Oct) saw hundreds of people gathering at the start line of Herts ColourFest 3K; an untimed run in which participants are covered in paint from head to toe. Each contestant looked the part in their ColourFest attire, provided in their welcome pack, including a t-shirt, glasses, sweatbands and fake tattoos.

Despite the classic English summer weather of a cold rainy day, spirits were kept high with Crush Radio entertaining participants before the race began. Lord and Lady Salisbury of Hatfield House were also present and kicked off the race by sounding the starting horn. Over 200 participants then began the 3K loop of EllenBrook Fields, behind de Havilland Campus.

There were several paint points situated around the route where volunteers would blast cups of powder paint over everyone that went past. By the end of the race there wasn’t a clean person in sight and each participant was completely covered in a rainbow of colours.

Once all the participants had crossed the finishing line, and were doused in even more colour, they were each handed their own pack of paint, ready for the final part of the festival. Crush Radio continued blasting out the music whilst everyone released their packs of paint in an explosion of colour.

Among the participants were the Tough Mudder committee, who had turned up to the race dressed as Spartans – complete with capes, a spear and a cuddly bear. Rebecca Marsh, Dominic Polio and Jessica Gould said that they had come to the ColourFest hoping to recruit some more members for Tough Mudder.

Marsh went on to say that the ColourFest was, “probably the best freshers event we’ve had in a long time,” and that it was “nice to have an event that was something other than partying and getting drunk.”

Group of friends, Isobelle Clarke, Sarah Moore, Michelle Dalmeida and Ellen Vigar, also enjoyed the event and were eager for it to return next year. Their only criticism was that it wasn’t long enough!

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Freshers’ Events: ColourFest 3K