Christmas caption contest winner!

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

Congratulations to Tobi Olásupo for winning our quick Christmas caption contest!

Images: Pixabay

“Dat Ass.”

Here are our runners-up…

“Mary, what did you put in those mince pies?”Hannah Myers

“Keep smiling Nicholas. We only have to hold the pose for another 30 days.”Shelby Loasby

“Mr Claus, what have I told you about eating beans before our Christmas shift?”Alexandra Jungeling

That was meant to be a quick delivery was it? I know you can be faster than that…”Mercedes Brazier

“What’s wrong with the kids these days? What’s this shiny rectangular thing children keep asking for on their wishlist?”Leong Qi Tyng

“John didn’t get the ‘Come to Work as Gandalf’ memo.”Nariece Sanderson

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Christmas caption contest winner!