The fight for the best Christmas advert

Image: John Lewis 2015 Christmas Ad

[Sophie Joaman | Contributing Writer]

It may only be the beginning of November but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get into the Christmas spirit a little early. As many of us start our Christmas shopping, the big retailers up and down the country are showing us just how they celebrate the holidays through their festive adverts. None more so anticipated than John Lewis.

Over the last few years, John Lewis have become a key member in the fight for the best Christmas advert. With short-film quality pieces, enriched with power ballad music and emotionally charged, fable-like storylines, we actually look forward to the ad breaks. Last year’s Monty the Penguin sold out of its matching cuddly toys within 24 hours of the advert airing on television. So it seems that this year, audiences are expecting great things. The company who brought us a penguin friendship and a snowman love story, have now brought us a brand new yule-tide tale for Christmas 2015.


Image: John Lewis 2015 Christmas Ad

The titled, Man on the Moon – in partnership with the charity Age UK – attempts to portray the true spirit of Christmas by suggesting that we should all reach out to those who are alone during the festive period. “Show someone you love them this Christmas” is the big message as a little girl on Earth sends a lonely old man on the moon a gift. It’s in every shape and form impossible, but through it, John Lewis remind us that at Christmas, anything is possible.

Sainsburys Christmas Ad 2014

Image: Sainsbury 2014 Christmas Ad

However, with other retailers thinking bigger and outside the box for their minute long glimpse into Christmas, the competition really is anyone’s game. Last year’s Sainsbury’s advert was sincerely poignant and especially powerful with their tribute to the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One. It told the story of the Christmas Day Truce upon the trenches in 1914 and how, although fighting one another, friendships were forged on the battleground. Beautifully captured and with an eerie feel, Sainsbury’s really couldn’t have created a better advert. They may have even knocked Monty the Penguin off of the spot for best advert in 2014.

Coca Cola Truck

Image: Coca Cola Christmas Ad

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Coca Cola though. The company responsible for Father Christmas’ transformation into the iconic red hat and coat never fail to bring a huge and uplifting surge of happiness to the party season. The Coca Cola truck, which needs no further introduction, truly rings in Christmas with its catchy tune, ‘Holidays Are Coming’. We could even argue that it isn’t really Christmas until the Coca Cola truck comes to town.

With John Lewis’s already huge following for their latest ad production, there are still five weeks until the Big Day. Who knows if and what will come along to steal their title? Only time, and a lot of Chrimbo TV, will tell!

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The fight for the best Christmas advert