Active Students is a GO!

[Mercedes Brazier l Sports Sub Editor]

Active Students has been given the funding it needs to help keep us excited and interested in sports! With up to 12 sessions running every day there is definitely something for you, it is totally free and there is no commitment.

If you are a bit bored of looking at the same line in the textbook or that group work is getting you down, going for a quick game of Frisbee, Tennis or even Burlesque Fitness will help keep your spirits up! All you have to do is turn up to the session you would like to take part in, which can be found on, with your Student I.D card and you’re off and away!

This year they have introduced an effective rewards system that depends on the amount of sessions you attend. Those of you who have previously taken part in some sessions will remember the online system of checking which session you have gone to in order to collect your rewards. However, this year there is a better alternative – A Loyalty Card!

Now I know some of you are thinking you will probably lose these cards, well you had better not if you want your free jumper at the end! All you have to do is attend five Active Students sessions, ask an activator for a loyalty card, get it stamped when you attend, and voila! Hop on down to the Athletic Union office on De Hav and collect your jumper! (Hopefully they are the nice bright blue ones they had a few years back, I don’t want the lime green ones again).

From having a browse through some of the sessions we are intrigued as to what they entail such as the Olympic Lifting, Parkour and Bootcamp. If you attend any of these sessions please let us know what you think of them by sharing your view on Facebook or Twitter @TridentMediaUK or sending an email to


Active Students is a GO!