2020 Estates Vision: New Accommodation

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor]

September welcomed some of the university’s students into the brand new accommodation on the College Lane campus. The new accommodation is forming part of the university’s 2020 Estates Vision developing the whole university site in preparation for the turn of the decade. Student Accommodation, otherwise known as Phase Two, is due for completion in August 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. Completed halls for this year included the full delivery of Bellingham Court and the completion of Block 1 of Spalding Court.

During the summer break, many students will have noticed the demolition of the Roberts Way accommodation, nearly 25 years after being built. The completion of Bellingham Court and Spalding pave the way for the redevelopment of College Lane’s accommodation. Amongst the new development is the welcome return of the well loved MUGGA allowing students to play sports all year round. The new developments have created a mass of open social space for students to enjoy.

At the heart of the new accommodation is the Oval. This is home to the College Lane accommodation office and a fully functional cardio gym, which is accessible to anyone with membership to the Hertfordshire Sports Village. The upper floor of the Oval is a bookable space for meetings and events, and has an open air terrace that looks out onto the whole College Lane site right in the centre of the accommodation area. The majority of areas in the new Oval building are free to be booked by students and for student led projects.

Although students have aired their concerns for certain minor problems regarding the accommodation, on the whole, Bellingham Court and Spalding Court have been well received by its inhabitants and their visitors. Although disruption is likely during the construction work, the outcome surely outweighs the disturbance that developments may bring.

Are you living in the new College Lane accommodation? We want to hear from you!


2020 Estates Vision: New Accommodation